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About us… We are Matt and Chris, the faces behind The Cod Comp. We’re from Central Victoria and clearly have a passion for fishing. It would be hard not to when we’re surrounded by amazing waterways like the Murray, the Campaspe, the Loddon, the Goulburn, the Ovens and so many more!
Cod Comp Owners
We started The Cod Comp with one goal. For people like us to be able to enjoy the community and perks of a fishing competition, but still be able to fish whenever, and wherever you get the chance. Not on a certain weekend, not in a particular stretch of river. Fish Anywhere, Fish Anytime. What are you waiting for? Get registered and get out there!

About the comp…

The Cod Comp is Australia’s newest and most exciting fishing competition, where you can join the search for the Ultimate Bragging Rights – Australia’s biggest Murray Cod! Entry is simple, and a portion of each registration fee goes into the prize pool. The more people that enter, the bigger the prize. So why not get your mates on board and make it a real competition!


Sustainable Fishing


You can rest assured the team at The Cod Comp are strongly dedicated to the education and analysis of the impact of competitons such as ours, and like to promote best practice in order to minimise any environmental impact on both the land, water and fish populations.

We proudly promote catch and release as an environmentally responsible option, in an effort to promote fishing while maintaining fish populations.
There are a few things you can consider when fishing both as a hobby, sport or recreationally in order to minimise your impact:

Tackle, Lures & Hooks

We encorage the use of barbless, single and circle hooks, in order to reduce damage of hook removal. Artificial lures can also help reduce the deep hooking of fish.

Landing Nets & Line

Try to use soft, knotless landing nets in order to ensure the least possible damage to your fish. Use appropriate line classes for the fish you are catching to avoid breakage.

Catch & Release / Leave no Trace

We are strong advocates of catch and release, take care of your catch and send them back to live another day. As always, whatever you take out with you, bring home and dispose of correctly.
We encourage all our entrants to follow these guidelines, as well as ensuring they are following all local laws relating to fishing in their given area. Good luck, and happy fishing!

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