The Cod Competition

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The Cod Competition 2018

Season Dates: 1st Dec '18 - 31st Aug '19

About this comp:
The Cod Comp is proud to present its feature competition, with the winner catching the longest Murray Cod, being immortalised in the Hall of Fame, and taking home the Jackpot. Your $10.00 entry will give you access to submit as many catches as you’d like during the season, as well as allowing you to enter our other competitions throughout the year. Remember to take at least two photos of each catch. One on a brag mat or similar which clearly shows the length in cm/mm, with your unique code in the picture (not added afterwards digitally or otherwise). And one of you holding your catch. (Catches that do not comply with these conditions may not be approved for entry)
Entry Fee: $ 10

Current Prize Pool $ 825

The Cod Comp

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