Here you’ll find the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.
Do I need to supply 2 photos?
No. While we love to see a photo of you with your catch, we understand that it’s not always possible. We do definitely need a photo of your catch with the size, and your unique code clearly visible.
Does the photo have to be on a Brag Mat?
No. Brag Mats are clearer and easier, but a measuring tape or ruler is ok. As long as the size is clear and the whole fish is in frame, then you’re good to go.
Can I just add my code into the photo afterwards?
No. Your unique code must be in the photo. Meaning either written or typed on a piece of paper and placed in frame before the photo is taken. Photos that have had the code added afterwards with a filter or similar will not be accepted. This is to ensure that all entries are from this season.
Why can’t I submit catches from September/October/November?
These months are considered “closed” to Murray Cod fishing in most areas. Some areas remain open such as Lake Eildon in Victoria and Copeton Dam in NSW, however our competition finishes on August 31.

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